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Does Fracking Pollute Groundwater?

fracking rocks and pollutionYou have probably heard the term before, but what the heck does it mean? It's actually short for hydraulic fracturing, a controversial method of drilling for oil, coal seam gas, and natural gas.

Simply stated, a chemical solution is blasted into rocks in order to release gas or oil. Environmental, safety and health concerns have increased awareness of this procedure internationally, causing some countries to ban the practice.

In the Boston Herald, an article revealed on December 9, 2012 that the Environmental Protection Agency blames groundwater pollution in Wyoming on the fracking done near a well. Local residents stated that their water started smelling and tasting different after fracking began in their area. Further research is warranted, but the test results promise to heat up the debate as drillers look for more ways to acquire gas and oil in the United States.

As with this incident in Wyoming, Duke University studies concluded that fracking done in New York and Pennsylvania increased methane concentrations around the well. Drillers explain that nature provides substances such as methane and benzene in the ground and that the drilling process doesn't add to it.

To learn more about fracking and the EPA's bold claim, go to: http://news.bostonherald.com/news/national/central/view/20111209epa_links_fracking_

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